Puerto Rico

We are on vacation in Puerto Rico at the moment; a much needed holiday. We are staying in more of a resort community, though we do plan to get out and see more around the island than this little bubble, including El Yunque rain forest, Laguna Grande (bioluminescent bay), Old San Juan, and the fortress San Felipe del Morro, along with various other random excursions throughout the week.

At the moment though, in our first full day, we are enjoying sun, beach, and pool. I’m taking in the beautiful vista of palm trees from in front of our hotel room as we prepare to head to the beach again. This should be a fun week.

My Puppy is Stuck Again… and Again and Again

We love our dog. She’s about 16 months old and about as loving as a dog can be. She’s also quite excitable and she certainly has her quirks. For our wedding, we found the very inexpensive mesh curtains at Ikea for around $5, which we used to decorate the gazebo. We now have one of these curtains as an accent in our bedroom window and for some reason, our puppy loves to get behind the curtain. Unfortunately for her (and hilariously for us), she can’t always get out of it on her own. There’s a couple of pictures here, but my wife shared a collection of these and a few more such images earlier. If you enjoy these, check it out here.

It started when she was spayed in April and had to wear the e-collar. The size and the edges of it made getting stuck behind the curtain easy. I heard some whining and poked my head in the room to find the curtain all the way around her. She was clearly okay so I had to snap a picture.

Disclaimer: We try to be good puppy parents. When we aren’t home, we cage her. If she’s playing around that curtain, we are hear to answer her cries when she gets stuck. We will probably change it one weekend soon, when I get around to hanging our other curtain rod. I should also add that at no point in any of these pictures is she hurt. The curtain is not wrapped tightly around her and she is able to tear it up (hence the giant holes in some pictures).