My name is Charles, although I often go by Charlie. I'm an Ohio native, from the Dayton area originally, now living a little north of Cincinnati with my wonderful wife and our delightful dog, Luna. I handled customer support for DeskConnect's Workflow — a powerful automation app on iOS — from shortly after its initial launch until its acquisition by Apple in March 2017. In that time I got to work with some truly brilliant people on a product that I was truly fascinated by. On that note, I'm passionate about technology (particularly iOS and macOS) as well as photography, cooking, and travel (when I can). I also have a thing for fountain pens and quality paper.

I'm not entirely sure what direction this site is going at the moment, if I'm being completely honest. I just wanted a space to write for anybody who happens to stop by, I hope you will check back again later as well. If you like what you see — or if you particularly don't like it — please drop me a line with the contact form below! Or you can follow me on twitter @the_buch.


In full disclosure, I will write about iOS apps and various products that I like from time to time, so I will be using affiliate links. It doesn't cost you anything and (hopefully) helps me, but I wanted to put it out there.

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